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  • Cropped Visa ImageAt present, visas are required by all visitors to Saudi Arabia, except nationals of GCC states and must be obtained in advance.

  • The expiry date of passports must extend at least six months beyond the date on which you will LEAVE the Kingdom.

  • Visitors with passports containing evidence of a visit or an intended visit to Israel will not be admitted.

  • Visas are issued based on the Hijra calendar. Many people get caught out with visa expiry as they believe it's valid according to the Gregorian calendar. Hijra months are shorter than Gregorian months, so check carefully so that you don't end up overstaying.

  • Visa applications must first be notified to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riyadh, who will, if approved, issue an immediate "E‟ authorisation number.

  • Visa applications must then follow the requirements as specified on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -

Please look at the website of the Saudi Embassy in London for more details on how to apply online - Please ensure that you follow the link for "businessmen/businesswomen visas‟, not "business visas‟. You can download the application form from this site and the full requirements are listed. In support of your application, you may also need to submit a letter from your company, stating that you are a director/board member/senior manager, or some other senior representative, and an invitation from a Saudi sponsor.

Business visitors need to be aware that visas issued for the purpose of taking part in a trade mission are for business only. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they understand and comply with the terms of their visa, and, that the British Embassy cannot be held responsible for the consequences of a breach of Saudi immigration rules.

You should note that, although a visa may be issued with a validity of up to twelve months, the maximum permitted stay in the Kingdom at any one time is one month. Although, this may be extended, up to a maximum of three months, by applying to the appropriate Saudi Immigration Office.

The Saudi Arabian authorities have tight immigration controls over individuals wishing to do the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages. A business visa does not entitle you to do Hajj / Umrah. Anyone overstaying the term of their visa may not be allowed to leave the country and could be liable to a fine and / or imprisonment.

The issuing of visas by the Saudi Embassy in London can be an unpredictable business. Therefore, we strongly advise you to apply for your visa well in advance of travel, as there are often delays in the application process.


Health & Medical services

The quality of healthcare in Saudi Arabia is variable, ranging from excellent to poor depending on the region, hospital and specialty. Most Western expatriates find the Saudi health service adequate for routine care and minor surgery. However, it is essential to take out full medical insurance when visiting Saudi Arabia, as there are no reciprocal healthcare agreements between Saudi Arabia and the UK.

Information on health hazards, precautions and health regulations required to enter Saudi Arabia, can be found on the FCO website -


Reputed Hospitals in the Kingdom

Riyadh:RS20297_CD00634CM00098_990169narrow 1000pxW

Kingdom Hospital: +966 (0) 11 275 1111 

Dallah Hospital: +966 (0) 11 470 2777

Specialized Medical Center Hospital (SMC): +966 (0) 11 434 3800

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group (SHMG): +966 (0) 11 462 224



International Medical Centre (IMC):
+966 (0) 12 650 9000

Saudi German Hospitals Group:
+966 (0) 12 682 9000

Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital:
+966 (0) 12 665 5000


AL Khobar:

Saad Specialist Hospital:
+966 (0) 13 882 6666

Al Mana Hospital: +966 (0) 13 898 7000


Getting Here and Advice About Your Stay 

FCO Travel Advice: The FCO website has travel advice to help you prepare for your visits overseas and to stay safe and secure while there - Go to: 

Overseas Security Information for Business: OSIB provides British business with information relating to the security related risks which companies face when operating overseas. For more information, please read the information provided on the UKTI Overseas Security Information for Business page.

Flights to Saudi Arabia: Domestic flights in Saudi Arabia are predominantly operated by Saudia which are the national carrier and also offer frequent direct flights to London.


Source - UKTI


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