What does Saudi Arabia mean for your business?

The Middle East’s largest country in sq. miles and second largest economy, Saudi Arabia, is a market that existing or up-and-coming exporters should play close attention to. With economists agreeing that the government’s plan to diversify the Saudi economy away from oil will successfully boost growth in the longer term.

What customs challenges will you face?

Saudi Arabia is one of many Middle Eastern countries operating a mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme.  The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization Conformity Assessment Programme (SASO CoC for short) is implemented to ensure that unsafe goods and those of poor quality do not enter the market.

This strict set of guidelines for exports into Saudi Arabia is complex and mandatory and failure to adhere can result in costly fines, delayed shipments, or risk of company blacklisting at customs. 

Those new to export must consider that Certificate of Conformity programmes and Country of Origin requirements are mandatory, and that it is the exporter, not importer who is responsible. 

SASO CoC Best Practice

To have confidence that your product will clear Saudi Customs follow these three steps:

  • Understand SASO CoC, labelling and testing requirements for your products, before you finalise plans to expand your export business into Saudi Arabia.

  • Plan ahead, ensure that your SASO CoC is in place before shipping your first Saudi order.

  • Ensure that your shipment has the correct export documents, and labelling in place before shipping.

Other customs compliance factors

In addition, Saudi Arabia is also a member of the Gulf Standards Association (GSO), and as such are required to implement a strict set of import standards.  

About XDS

At XDS Solutions we offer a number of services to help you address the customs compliance challenges of expanding into Saudi Arabia, enabling you to take full advantage of this growing market.

Our expert Account Managers personally manage every step of your export compliance journey.  From initial product testing to the mandatory certificates required for successful customs clearance.

We’re proud to work with export teams from a wide range of industries, from start-up businesses to blue-chip multinationals.  Delivering hassle-free export documents for shipments into The Middle East.

Next steps

Register today for our free CUSTOMS CLEARANCE AUDIT.  It’s a chance to speak to one of our expert compliance advisors, discuss your business, the products you ship, and the Saudi Arabian customs clearance challenges you’ll face.

You’ll receive a tailored Customs Audit Report, which will be full of recommendations to help remove the hassle of Certificates of Conformity, Country of Origin Certification, product testing and translations.  As well as tips to help make sure that your shipment’s SASO export documentation is spot on, before leaving the warehouse.

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