Introduction of airline and network:

With daily flights to Jeddah and Riyadh from London Heathrow, Saudia has grown to provide its services to transport passengers between 26 domestic and 52 international destinations. At present, it carries about 21 million passengers annually. 

Our in-flight cuisine is prepared according to world class standards, combining the art of haute cuisine with the science of food technology. The results of the process are the tastiest five-star menus prepared under the strictest standards of food safety and hygiene.

Saudi Arabian Airlines’ In-flight Entertainment features the latest state-of-the-art technology aimed at fulfilling passengers’ entertainment needs especially on long-haul flights. On many aircrafts, our seats are equipped with personal video screens controlled through fully integrated handsets or by touch and offers video-on-demand. 

Web & Mobile check-in as well as Self Service machines are being implemented on all Domestic & International Flights (except USA) in 2013/2014.


Each cabin:

First Class: Our First Class seats provide you with a generous space for your comfort. In addition, the seats recline to up to 180 degrees with a 79” seat pitch. With the help of a fully electronic control, foot rest, and an adjustable headrest, you will be able to secure a comfortable position during your trip. Overnight kits are offered to all passengers during their flight which include all the necessary items that they may need during the journey. We offer a generous baggage allowance of 64 Kg Check in & 9 Kg hand luggage.                             

Business Class: Business Class seats are wide enough to be on other airlines' First Class sections, with generous recline of 170 degrees and 61” seat pitch to allow for optimum legroom. Headrests are equipped with adjustable padded wings for maximum comfort while the seats themselves are ergonomically-designed to provide stable lumbar support that is critical especially on long-haul flights. Overnight kits are given to all passengers for their personal care needs during the flight. We offer a generous baggage allowance of 64 Kg Check in & 9 Kg hand luggage.        

Guest Class (Economy): Saudi Arabian Airlines' Guest Class seats are among the most comfortable and spacious in the air today, with seat pitches of 34 inches and a seat width 18,5”, more than most other airlines allow in their Economy Classes. Headrests have padded wings that can be adjusted for maximum comfort. All seats are equipped with special monitors that may reach up to 9 inches in some aircrafts. A remote control will provide you with complete flexibility for your personal entertainment during the trip. We offer a generous baggage allowance of 46 Kg Check in & 7 Kg hand luggage. 

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