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Providing state of the art business facilities

SAGIA is the driving force behind Saudi's investment program. Its aim is to turn opportunity into success, promising rich returns for investors.

A creative and committed partner to investors, SAGIA embodies the new competitive spirit of Saudi. As the nation's economic momentum builds, SAGIA provides the constant impetus of innovation and opportunity that will help position it as the location of choice for businesses and investors from around the world.

SAGIA is offering ambitious businesses an amazing opportunity. Companies that set up here will benefit from exceptional services and facilities, giving them the perfect conditions to maximize their efficiency and grow their business yet further.


Providing tailor-made business support

SAGIA is committed to supporting new and growing business in Saudi Arabia. To make it as easy as possible to invest in or set up and operate a business in KSA, it's creating a network of dynamic Business Centers throughout the nation(Riyadh , Jeddah, Dammam , Hail , Al Madina, Jizan , Tabuk, Abha). Each center provides a highly responsive and effective resource to help companies get up and running quickly and efficiently - offering everything from advise, license requirements and after license services by providing representatives of all related government departments such as (Ministry of labor, General directorate of passports, Ministry of commerce and industry, Zakat and income taxation department and notary public).

Providing high quality people

Good quality people are essential to business growth and Saudi Arabia has a wealth of talented and skilled people at its disposal. SAGIA is the link between businesses and this ready workforce. Its Human Capital specialists work closely with businesses to understand their employee requirements and provide a tailor-made service. Employee skills, attitudes and number are perfectly aligned with each company's specific needs ensuring the right people for the job.

SAGIA is committed to the advancement of the Saudi nation. As more and more businesses choose KSA as a strategic location for growth, SAGIA will be working hard to ensure that choice translates into sustainable success.


SAGIA's vision is to act as a gateway to investment in Saudi Arabia. We seek to attract sufficient investment to achieve sustainable rapid economic growth while capitalizing on the Kingdom's competitive strengths as the global capital of energy, and as a major hub between East and West.

Why Saudi Arabia?

How many countries can offer secure supplies of low-cost energy, a geographical launch pad to a vast market and a custom-designed, "turn-key" solution for your new venture or investment? One of the Top 20 destinations for foreign direct investment in the world, Saudi Arabia can do all this - and much more.

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