Benefits of experience

Social, economic and physical infrastructure projects are getting more complex, while the need for high value schemes is increasingly critical across the world. Unlocking value and efficiencies, developing effective strategies, and meeting rising expectations from government, industry and society requires environmental, financial, social and technical expertise.

From project feasibility and financing to project and programme management and asset optimisation, our advisory service is with you every step of the way, helping your organisation overcome obstacles and achieve its aspirations and goals.

We combine strategic analysis, complete technical capability and innovation to deliver solutions that are sustainable, delivering improved value for our clients and better outcomes for theirs. It is an approach designed to help clients in the private and public sectors save money and time, reduce risks and increase efficiency.

Before committing to a project, developers and investors need to know the figures stack up – that the scheme is affordable, provides value for money, and offers a stable and lasting legacy. Whether you are bidding for funding or allocating funds, the business case requires sound economics. Sector experts perform assessments and analyses, ensuring nothing is overlooked, including effects of projects on communities, end users and the environment.

Our award-winning team helps clients unlock the full potential of infrastructure finance by providing sound advice on risk and how it can be mitigated, as well as by identifying opportunities to improve the value and sustainability of projects. They enable public and private stakeholders to make informed decisions, providing them with the confidence to commit to projects. Over the past decade, we have won multitude awards for our technical advisor capability, and have advised on PPP/PFI projects all over the world, helping to bring more countries into line with international best practice for risk allocation – the key to bankability.

Projects and programmes must be delivered with ever increasing efficiency, in both time and money, with enhanced sustainability and a zero tolerance for unsafe and unhealthy practice. Whatever the size of the project, success depends on the effective collaboration of all those involved, and understanding and overcoming challenges around governance, risk, scope control and stakeholder engagement. Our project teams plan, lead and control every aspect of the project lifecycle across all types of building, education, healthcare, transport, energy, defence, nuclear, oil and gas and water projects.

Done well, asset management helps organisations make better decisions, improve cost controls, demonstrate regulatory compliance, enhance reputation and manage risk. We are skilled at taking you through your asset management journey, so you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, can develop an effective improvement plan and build asset management capacity, and deliver business change. We do this by combining our skills in infrastructure planning, engineering, smart infrastructure, facilities management and asset optimisation with our global experience in project management, partnering, supervising, funding and finance.

Economics: assume nothing, question everything

All projects start with an economic impact assessment; developers and investors need to know that the figures stack up. Whether you are in the private or public sector, comprehensive cost-benefit analysis is essential when appraising or prioritising project proposals, bidding for funding or allocating funds.

Our specialists – in economics, economic development and research, urban regeneration and planning – provide clear, robust and relevant analysis to demonstrate the business case and assist decision making. They assume nothing and question everything. It’s an approach backed by extensive expertise across a range of sectors, from aviation and the built environment to international development and water, and our unique transparent economic assessment model (TEAM).

TEAM offers a different perspective compared with traditional cost-benefit analyses, which focus on the macro or national level impacts and fail to highlight the local benefits. By contrast, TEAM starts with a micro assessment, highlighting job creation, access to housing, education and healthcare, and gross value added to the local economy.

Increasingly, the social and environmental impacts of projects are under the microscope. TEAM assists decision-makers in understanding the effects over the lifecycle of a project on individuals, communities and societies as well as end users and the environment. Our comprehensive analysis ensures projects are inclusive, do not damage the environment and are commercially resilient. When it comes to cost certainty, our estimating and cost consultants provide accurate predictions of the capital cost of investment programmes and projects.

Sector experts perform assessments, analyses and studies, so you can be confident nothing will be overlooked. Examples from our aviation and energy teams demonstrate the range of capabilities. In aviation, we understand how airports and airline businesses interact and operate in regulated markets to provide robust financial analysis, demand forecasts, revenue models and business case insights. Similarly, our energy teams are adept at market analysis and forecasts, assessing economic costs and benefits, scenario planning, risk evaluation, and modelling costs and tariffs.

As a multidisciplinary consultancy, our economic analysts have access to leading-edge technical knowledge and skills to help you develop the best solutions tailored to your local needs.

Infrastructure finance: funding, financing and investing with confidence

As the recognised global leader in infrastructure finance, our advice helps clients make the right decision. In 2017 alone, we helped bring 50 transactions to close in 20 countries, amounting to investments worth more than US$25 billion.

Delivery of privately financed infrastructure projects or corporate assets is a complex process requiring expert advice. Investors and funders need to know their money is being invested in projects or businesses that offer clear returns and predictable cash flows from appropriate structures. Governments and public bodies need to develop funding and delivery strategies that attract investment in sustainable infrastructure to deliver economic and social growth. Sponsors, developers and operators, meanwhile, need to choose the right type of capital and financing model to ensure projects or corporate initiatives are affordable, provide value for money and offer a stable, lasting legacy.

Our global team of infrastructure finance advisory experts help clients understand the nature of risk and opportunity in funding, financing and investing in infrastructure and projects. We are the acknowledged international market leader for technical advisory services, typically completing more projects in one year than all the other leading technical advisors combined, and winning over the past decade a multitude of technical advisor of the year awards. Our experts are active in the built environment, defence, energy, international development, transport and water sectors, and their activity covers infrastructure and project finance, public finance, and public private partnership (PPP/P3) arrangements, as well as merger and acquisition.

Our clients receive comprehensive advice, from inception to financial close, to help them unlock the full potential offered by project or corporate infrastructure finance. As a global, multidisciplinary consultancy, we have more than 16,000 technical and commercial staff working worldwide. The supporting depth and breadth of our expertise in infrastructure combined with our unique advisory insights and local knowledge ensure we help our clients make the right decisions wherever they may be based.

We are proud to leave a positive legacy for communities, as well as ensure the commercial success of our clients’ efforts. By working in partnership with everyone involved or affected by a project or investment, we help to ensure it delivers economic and social benefits.

Our infrastructure finance services cover:

  • Market assessment and development

  • Project preparation

  • Project procurement

  • Transaction advisory

  • Monitoring and assurance

Project and programme management: on time and on budget

We believe that the success of infrastructure projects and programmes, whatever their size, depends on the effective collaboration of all those involved to ensure the delivery of the right outcomes.

From understanding the requirement, developing solution concepts, and delivering initial economic and feasibility studies through to defining and implementing engineering design, construction, commissioning, handover and operation, we support our clients at every step.

Infrastructure and built environment projects are increasingly complex and expectations from government, industry and society are rising. Projects and programmes must be delivered with ever increasing efficiency, in both time and money, with enhanced sustainability and a zero tolerance for unsafe and unhealthy practice.

Successful delivery depends on understanding and overcoming challenges around governance, risk, scope control, stakeholder engagement and the capability of the team. Our project and programme managers have the leadership and experience to address these challenges in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world: we aim to exceed our clients' expectations.

We approach all assignments without preconceptions, developing a detailed understanding of the requirement for the proposed project or programme, how it meets your business needs and will deliver benefits. Our background as a multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy company means we can draw on best practice from across the sector in delivering clients’ required outcomes.

We work as members of integrated project and programme teams, always seeking to align the people and organisations involved behind a common purpose. Our project managers constantly check that we are focusing on the right things and that we are doing them in the right way. This includes having the appropriate project and programme management tools, tailored to the needs of the client and the task, and being able to provide timely and accurate information to support decision making.

We have extensive experience of providing a total project and programme management service for all types of building, education, healthcare, transport, energy, defence, nuclear, oil and gas and water projects. Our award-winning project teams plan, lead and control every aspect of the project lifecycle. They pride themselves on providing a tailored service, bringing innovation to help our clients establish options, define their project needs and manage project delivery – we are our clients’ trusted advisor.

Our experience shows that good control processes and systems positively influence project and programme outcomes. Clear and concise project and programme management information allows complexity and unforeseen factors to be better managed and managers to make better decisions. We deliver strategic management information; data that aids leaders in assessing a project or programme situation and potential outcomes.

Asset management: delivering a sustainable, efficient and profitable business

Done well, asset management helps organisations make better decisions, improve cost controls, demonstrate regulatory compliance, build stakeholder trust and manage risk.

Best practice asset management requires people, processes and technology to work as one around common objectives. The key to success is making the connections that join everything together. That is where our team of asset management specialists come in, providing you with the clarity and focus required to meet fast-changing demands from customers and regulators as well as address external risks, such as climate change and cyber security.

They will help provide the foresight and control to enable you to take timely investment and maintenance decisions about your assets so they are always in an appropriate condition and operate to the highest efficiency standards.

Asset management is a journey, with the benefits growing as your maturity develops, and our specialists have the skills to help you each step of the way. They are Institute of Asset Management accredited and can support you in developing better awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, help to create an improvement plan, build asset management capacity and deliver business change. Our approach will ensure infrastructure owners and operators achieve their strategic objectives by adding long-term value and optimising performance.

Our approach rests on seven pillars, a step-by-step guide to asset management maturity, beginning with building asset management principles into organisational design to form a capable organisation. Other key enablers include adaptive resilience, the processes to assure your business against natural and man-made hazards, and smart infrastructure, bringing together all the digital information about your assets. A coherent strategy underpins each of these pillars. It sets the long-term direction for your organisation and the outcomes you wish to achieve.

At whatever stage of your journey, we can support you in implementing smart asset management to create sustainable, resilient infrastructure in accordance with the new international standard ISO 55000. We're a connected, global business and our specialists, many of whom have worked in energy, transport, water and other infrastructure companies, have access to leading-edge technical knowledge and skills to help you develop the best solutions tailored to your local needs.

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