About Innovation

Innovation-sa Integrated Business Solutions entity is a one-stop shop corporate services provider offering a full range of solutions for emerging businesses in the Saudi Arabian market.

Over the last twenty years, we have developed the knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of our clients due to our unique understanding of the business environment and culture.

Our in-house specialists have a wide range and in-depth knowledge of the Saudi Government legislations and regulatory general practices. All processes are implemented in compliance with such regulations with close monitoring and updating to our clients of the Saudi Government scheme of Saudization by employing local talents as a priority. We act as your consulting house that can guide you from the initial stages of establishing your business entity all the way through your day-to-day set up needs until your departure from the Innovation-sa business incubator.

Innovation-sa provides concierge service support to a variety of business industries from banking and finance to defense, oil and gas, IT and real estate developers.


At Innovation-sa, we believe that effective management, quality service and commitment to our staff, clients and vendors are the only means to maintain, develop and continuously add value and growth to our business relation with our clients.


Provide first class, one stop shop concierge integrated service package to emerging businesses enabling our clients to focus on their core business.

Why Innovation-sa

  • Reduce our client start-up and overhead cost

  • Enable clients to focus on their core business activity by providing integrated end to end service solutions

  • Save clients HR, Personnel and Administrative fees

  • Save staff training and turnover costs

  • Minimise the risk with issues arising from changes in labour regulations, and any government related laws

  • Share the benefits with our clients on economies of scale

  • Orientation on cultural norms and business ethics

  •  Represent our clients, build and protect their brand and reputation in the market


Excellence – We seek excellence in everything we do providing handpicked calibres aiming to build confidence in our business processes and establish a client relationship that focuses on quality not quantity.

Integrity – Maintain an open book approach, transparency and protect client’s confidentiality all the way through our business life even after our service is delivered and after the incubation phase is completed.

Customer satisfaction – We are fully committed to our client’s satisfaction. We solicit our client’s ongoing feedback and constantly monitor the completion of our commitments or money back.

Our services

Management Consulting   Set up consultancy 

Transportation Services Premium chauffeur services & vehicle leasing 

Government Relations Services  PRO services 

IT Advisory  IT advisory

Obtaining Visas  Corporate Immigration Services 

Human Resources  Human resources

Certified Translation  Certified translation

Comprehensive Personnel Management Offering  Comprehensive personnel management offering

Furnished Office Space Setup And Related Services  Furnished office space setup and related services

Accounting Book -keeping  Accounting book-keeping

Facility Operation And Maintenance  Facility operation and maintenance

Pick And Choose Service Option  Pick and choose service option

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