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Dudley College of Technology has been working in Saudi Arabia for over five years. The College was originally founded in 1862 at the heart of Britain’s manufacturing industry. We’ve been providing first-class vocational training ever since. Currently we run over 4,000 courses and support more 14,000 learners and 1,500 employers from all over the world.

Ours is a history of industry and innovation, technology and progress. We work with prestigious organisations including the British Council and the UK Government Department of Trade & Industry (UKTI) on several programmes – including in education, consultancy and training. We deliver these programmes from our multi-million pound campus here in England, and overseas in our partners’ institutes and workplaces.


Dudley College Worldwide was contracted by the Saudi Arabian Government as the first ever overseas college to deliver embedded capacity building programmes in its colleges. This ground-breaking programme saw staff live and work alongside their Saudi colleagues and transfer knowledge and best practice.

With a proven track record of delivering leadership and management training to 77 deans of colleges across Saudi and an executive administration programme that involved 64 delegates visiting the UK, Dudley College Worldwide is a trusted partner for the transmission of skills at a professional level.

A three year contract with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation – focussing on key leadership and management practices which underpin the successful operation of technical colleges is currently in train.

This ongoing work has culminated with our largest project. Part of the Saudi Government’s ‘Capability Building Contracts (CBC)’ initiative, seven staff live and work in Hafr al-Batin, supporting the ongoing development of the local girl’s college. After our first year of operation, we have achieved a range of impacts, including:

As part Saudi’s ‘Vision 2030’Dudley College Worldwide are currently bidding to extend this work  beyond the country’s Eastern Province.

Providing employment for Saudi nationals is a key priority for the kingdom. To do this more young people- male and female –must  enter into high quality training, as currently less than ten per cent of the Saudi workforce takes part in vocational training. Dudley College Worldwide is proud to be lending its expertise to addressing this. 

Dudley College Worldwide has already had significant impact in Saudi Arabia and throughout the world. It is our conviction that our work overseas not only supports our international partners, but our staff and students here in Dudley, placing a small town in the UK at the heart of international training.


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