BAE Systems works together with local partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to develop, engineer, manufacture and support the innovations that sustain economic growth, increase defence sovereignty and safeguard commercial interests.

This is supported by strong relationships with local industrial partners, and underlined by over 50 years of heritage in providing leading edge technology and training to the Saudi Armed Forces.

At the heart of Vision 2030 and Saudi Arabia’s future success is harnessing the energies of its people – its most important resource. That is why we are investing in our workforce and creating an inclusive workplace for Saudi nationals to thrive. We employ over 7,000 people at eight BAE Systems sites across the Kingdom. We have doubled the number of female staff members over the last 3 years and we have increased the proportion of Saudi nationals to 72% of our overall workforce.

We are setting stretching goals to actively develop local industry and our network of local partner companies are carrying out more and more work, increasing their economic contribution and playing a key role in delivering the nation’s ambition.

Our 50-year partnership with Saudi Arabia has already had a profound effect on the Kingdom’s economy and this significant contribution will continue to grow with our ongoing commitment to supporting Vision 2030.

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